I've been in the Promotional Products Industry in one form or another since 2000.                                           Starting out in sales at Private Reserve Water, a division of Culligan Water, and then                                     managing sales and operations for NationWide Springs.

                                In 2004, I joined Westshore Agency, a multi-line agency based in Surrey, BC. After                                         almost 5 years with Westshore Agency, in January of 2009 I decided to branch out on                                   my own and formed Abednego Agency.

                                I get to work everyday with some of the top professional salespeople in North America,                                 many of whom I consider some of my best friends. Does it get any better than that?


                                I was very honoured to received the 2015 Humanitarian of the Year Award at the PPPC                                  National Convention in Toronto

Why the name Abednego???


I have 2 daughters from my first marriage whose names both start with the letter "A", Alyssa and Alexandrea (Lexxie). In 2004 I married my amazing wife, Irene, who did not have any children but had always wanted to adopt from Africa. We began the process of adoption in 2005 and were selected to be the new parents of two 6 year old brothers from Liberia, Africa. Their names happened to be Shadrach and Meshach. There is a Bible story about three young men named Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, so we thought that might be a good fit for the company. The name starts with an "A" and it goes with the names of our 2 sons. Unfortunately, due to corruption in Liberia, our adoption plans fell through and now I have a company name no one can pronounce :)